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Job Status

Job Status can be used to manage the job workflow.

Pending - can be used for upcoming work or work awaiting confirmation to begin
WIP (Work In Progress) - used for current open jobs
On Hold - can be used for jobs that have had work commence but for various reasons work needs to stop (eg account on stop credit)
Bill Out - job is ready to be assessed for invoicing but no longer available to have parts or labour added to it
Invoiced - job is closed & client has been invoiced
Deleted - job is no longer required and will not commence at any further.

Job Status & Task Status

There are a few automated status updates with tasks and jobs:
If Jobs status is set to pending - all the tasks which are wip are set to pending
If Job status is set to maintenance complete - check is done if all tasks are complete else error returned
If Job status is set to bill out - all tasks are set to complete
If job status is set to on hold - all tasks not already completed, Certified, Signed off is set to pending.
If last task in job is set to complete - it would set jobs status to maintenance complete unless jobs is in restricted status