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Job Invoices Tab

Invoicing Job

When the Job is done the status in the general tab should be set to Bill Out.

An item must have finished its workflow to be invoicable, ie a received item for which the invoice have not arrived yet, can not be invoiced.

Go to the Invoices tab, by clicking Populate Queue all invoicable costs will be added in the Current Summary Line Items list. Check the list and make sure that everything is correct

When the list has been populated, an Invoice icon will show up at the bottom of the list. To create an Invoice, click on the Invoice icon.

This will empty the Current Summary Line Items list and add an Invoice in the Processed Invoice list. To view the invoice click on the PDF icon, to edit it click on the Edit icon.

The status of the new invoice defaults to WIP. For instructions on invoicing, see the selling parts workflow.

To be able to close a Job the status of all items on the job must have gone to invoiced and all invoices must have finished their workflow, ie status need to be set to invoiced as well. When the status of an invoice is set to invoiced, the invoice is available for export to MYOB. When all job items have finished their workflows the Job can be closed. Go to the general tab of the Job and set the status to invoiced