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Job Task Tab

Add Tasks

All labour that has been scheduled for the job is listed in the Tasks tab. To schedule additional labour click on the add task icon. This will pop up the tasks module.

To create a new task to assign to the job, open tasks options and select new task.

Enter all task details. In the Job details tab, make sure that the task is linked to the correct job. Then click save.

The new task will be added in the Tasks tab of the Job.

Job & Task Status

Few automated status updates in tasks/jobs
If Jobs status is set to pending - all the tasks which are wip are set to pending
If Job status is set to maintenance complete - check is done if all tasks are complete else error returned
If Job status is set to bill out - all tasks are set to complete
If job status is set to on hold - all tasks not already completed, Certified, Signed off is set to pending.
If last task in job is set to complete - it would set jobs status to maintenance complete unless jobs is in restricted status