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Consumable Part Numbers

There is an option to have consumable items in Aeronet.  When the first item is created for the consumable part number it will be given a batch number.  This is the only batch number that will be given for this part number.  Any additional shipments will be added to this batch automatically (even when selecting "Create a Batch" in the inwards goods module).

Set up a part number for each consumable as you would an aircraft part, the only difference is you will need to tick the "Consumable" field on the Part General Tab.

These items can now be added to purchase orders and receipted in through inwards goods, the same as aircraft parts.

Now these consumables are available to issue directly to jobs for either clients or internal cost capturing.
Please Note - If consumable parts are issued to a job closing type "To Invoice"
  the consumables will be listed on the client invoice as any other part would.