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Create A Flying Item

There are several ways to create a flying item.

Option 1 - Directly in the Aircraft Module Airframe/Engine1/Engine2 Tabs.
If that part number & serial number has never existed in Aeronet it will create a new item.
If that part number & serial number has existed in Aeronet and has been issued/sold to a job the flying item will be created and will link automatically to the sold item.

Option 2 - When issuing items to jobs the user can select "Set to Flying" on the issue screen.

Option 3 - If the item has already been issued to a job, simply locate the item on the Job Parts Tab, select the edit icon then select "Set to Flying".

Option 4 - When in the parts module locate the sold item and select the preview icon.  Once the item general tab has loaded select "Set to Flying".