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Line Items Display

Serial Number = The serial number of the item
Condition = The condition of the item (New, Overhauled, Serviceable, Unserviceable)
Batch Number = When receipted through Inwards Goods Module a batch will be automatically created for the item
Status = If the item is in stock the status will be "Stock", once issued to a job the status will update to "Sold", if on order status will be "Ordered"
Job / PO = The job number the item was issued to and the Purchase Order the item was purchased on
Quantity = For status "stock" this is the quantity in stock, for status "sold" this is the quantity issued to the job
Notes = Any additional notes specific to the item will display here
Location = This is the branch and the name of the storeroom the item is held at (A is the branch, Bonded is the storeroom)
Shelf = The shelf number can be added to help find the item in the storeroom
Cost = The cost and currency of the item
Value = The value and currency of the item