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Tasks Module

Adding New Tasks

To add a new Task, go to Task Options and select New Task in the drop down menu.

Fill in the details in the form.

Finding Tasks

Quick Search

Advanced Search

Editing Tasks

Find the Task you want to edit and click the Edit Task icon.

Task Details

Fill in the details of the Task in the form.


Set the Status of the Task. A task starts as WIP and goes vie Pending and On Hold to Complete.


Select the Type of the Task.

Job Details

In the Job Details tab you set the Cost Centre and Department of the Task.


In the Notifications Tab you add users so they get updated when any changes are made to the task. Click the Add User icon to open a pop up of the Address Book and click the Link & Save icon to add a user.


In the Production tab you set the time period for when the Task is to be performed.

Time Allocation

In the Time Allocation tab you can see all time that has been allocated by different users this far.


In the Documents tab you can link Documents, ie images, pdf-files etc., to the task. Click on the Add Document icon.

A pop up will be opened where you can edit a Title of the Document and if you want it to have Public Access or Internal. Then you upload your document by clicking Browse. A pop up of your file browser will open, find the file you want to upload and select open.

Then click the Save icon in the Documents tab. The Document will now be added to the Task.

Cell Info

Invoicing Tasks