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MT Tasks & Task for Task Option

Aircraft Module Inspections are ticked and option "Create New Job" is selected.

To view job details click on the Aircraft Module "Jobs" Tab.  (Need to set defaults - Job Division: Maintenance Department, Job Date: Todays Date and Task Cost Centre/Department: Labour/Labour)

Continue adding to this new job through the SBs and ADs Tabs.  Tick applicable lines and select "Add to Job #" in the drop down menu.

By ticking inspections and adding them to the job "Tasks" are being created on the job.  These are the tasks from the Aircraft Module.

Now all the Maintenance Tracking tasks are added to the job so work pack PDFs can be printed.

Repairs may need to be carried out once work on the initial MT tasks has started.  Any defects that require rectification are then added to the Job Task Tab via "Add From Template" option, the details are added into the task and a task card is printed off for the work pack.

When staff complete their timesheets they are to allocate time to each task they worked on.

So now the job is complete and all the timesheets have been allocated to the job.  The invoice will show all tasks exactly the same way they have been created on the Job Task Tab.

This is an example of how the invoice would look: