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Part 148 Job Template

Once logged on to the Template Database go to the "Workflow" menu and select "Templates"

Then select "Template Options" and "New Job"

On the General Tab update the Division first and then set the job closing type "To Stock" (quantity should always be 1). Then select Update.

Now put the exact part number into the Job Name field. Then put the exact part description into the Description field. Then select Update.
(copy & paste from the live parts database ensures accuracy)

Select the [+] add icon to search the parts database for parts, hardware, components or raw materials.
Remember to update the quantity to the required amount for each one.

Select the [+] add icon to create any Outwork required. Do the same for Materials tab and Misc tab.

Select the [+] add icon to create any Tasks required

A pop up screen will be used to create the Tasks. Select "Task Options" and then select "New Task"

On the Task General tab type the work required in the Defects/Title field and make sure the cost centre & department are both labour. Then Click onto the Cell Info tab and select the cell required to do the work. Then select update and once updated select close.

Continue to add tasks until the work required is listed on the Tasks tab.

Now click onto the Job Workflow tab and prioritise the Tasks. Note: No two tasks can have the same priority.

Once all the steps have been added to the template and the template is completed select Save & Close. The template can then be used to create live jobs.